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April 8, 2007


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A single and simple word – “Light”. Is it really sound so simple and single. Well from the pt of view of mine, i think it isn’t that simple.

It means the hope, the way out and even something which is not heavy or which feel like burdon on us. I m not quoting the dictionary meanings of this word. But trying 2 re-collect the way we use it.

There I saw the light @ the end of the tunnel

Just read this simple line and we can understand why light means hope. It is the hope that drive us to the tunnel of darkness, full of difficulties. We cross it to get the light, to come out of it.

We aren’t expecting another tunnel at the end of the existing one which we are crossing. But we are expecting something which is again “light”.

Here again the word means way-out. The way-out from the current situation we face. This very thought of getting out of the situations (or troubles) make us feel relieve, remove the wieght away from our back. So it is again “light”.

Here it means light as not heavy. We, whenever feel happy or in the mood of celebration, use this wonder of nature to en-light the surrounding. No matter if we use candles, or diyas or another form of light, but we use the same eliment of nature Fire to express it.

So eventually it is the fire which we use to express our freedom, our joy, or even our hopes.

That is why i like the layout of this blog. There is a light house on the left side of the page which make me feel good. There is light atleast for me here. And whoever pay a visit will be the part of this light. What I mean to say is, the comments of the visitor is going to be the light of this blogger. So plz do spend some time to read and comment on what you read.

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