Brain Storm

May 23, 2007

VIJAYKANTH Captain’s most punching Dialogues in English……

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  1. U can study and get any certificates. But u cannot get your death certificate
  2. U may have AIRTEL or BSNL connection but when u sneeze u will say HUTCH
  3. U can b ecome an engineer if u study in engineering college. U cannot be come a president if u studies in Presidency College
  4. U can expect a BUS from a BUS stop … u cannot expect a FULL from FULL stop
  5. A mechanical engineer can be come a mechanic but a software engineer cannot b ecome a software
  6. U can find tea in teacup. But cannot find world in world cup
  7. U can find keys in Keyboard but u cannot find mother in motherboard.

This is South India!!!
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