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April 12, 2007

From 26th July 2005 till now……..

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From 26th July 2005 till now……..

I know, much had been said about the flood on 26th July ’05 in Mumbai. But trust me, I am not going to say why that happend and who is responsible for that. What I am going to say here is the things which came in my mind after 26th July till now.
Well, I was one of the victims (in broad sense) of that flood. But luckily, I wasn’t much affected by it. I wasn’t able to reach my home for two days. That much was the effect of that flood on my life. But once, everything got settle down slowly and I started my journey to home; that was the moment I started thinking on this event. People who got stuck in this flood was trying their best to reach the safe place (mostly their houses) and those who are already at such places (not to mentioned only houses) trying everything possible in their capacity to help the earlier ones.

We all knew what humanity the people of Mumbai had shown when this crisis took place. Even in the past when such type of events happend not only in Mumbai but anywhere in the face of earth, the people of Mumbai had shown the same kind of humanity. Hats off for that.

But what about the peace time? Or even the events like riots happend in the past after Babari demolution? I had spent my whole life (till the date) in Mumbai. I had seen people helping the Latoor victims, Bhoot victims, victims of flood in Orisa, even the victims of tsunami (not only in our country but through out the world. Even the recent crisis of Katrina in US, and also the victims of earthquake in Pakistan and Pak occupied Kashmir. But the question remains the same.

What about the peace time?

We, the people of Mumbai runs with the clock as if there is the race between time and us. I travel almost 4 hours a day to go to my office and return back home. During this time, I notice so many people. It will be too harsh if I say that here nobody cares about nobody here. But upto some extend, that is true.

During my journey in the morning, I usually come across one group of people who used to go by a particular train. They get in the train from 3 to 4 diffirent stations. This group used to sing the holy songs through out their journey. Even they distributes the prasad to entire compartment when train reaches certain station.

You may say, “What’s wrong with that?” Well the funny thing about this particular group happend couple of days ago. I was sitting near the window, reading my newspaper. That day there was very less crowd in the compartment of mine. Few members of this holy group were already there. And then train arrived at Kandivli station. People jumped in to catch the empty seats. And then this argument between the existing members of this group who was already sat and one guy who just managed to came before the rest of the members of this group took place.

This poor fellow (poor doesn’t mean the poor by wealth or something) just managed to get in earlier and tried to take the empty seat next to one of the members of this group. And the person from this group who was sitting there actually taken objection for that. According to him, that seat was reserved for the other member of that group who is supposed to get in the train at Kandivli. This new fellow asked “Why? I came first so I am going to take this seat.”

And the entire group started fight. Ultimately this fellow decided to leave that part of the compartment and prefer standing during his whole journey. I even signled him to take my place but he refused to do so. The tilak on my forehead might be the reason or something else. But his expressions were as if that I also from that group. Even that might be not enough for this holy group, some of them even tried to convey him that this is the un-written rule of this compartment. And no one is exception for this rule.

This very occasion raised few questions in my mind. Do we need some natural / man-made disasters to act like humans only? We proud to say this that Mumbai is the city of opportunity. The one who siege it first will taste success in this city.

Are we the heartless people who only sometimes shows features of the actual human? And such sometimes are only the events like floods, earthquakes, etc. etc.

Bandra is one of the places which got highly affected during the Hindu-Muslim riots after Babari’s demolution. That very own Bandra showed the highly humanist behavior of helpling the commuters by providing them snacks and water during 26th and 27th July this year.

Or did they learn from the past? Well I don’t think so…… Neither the people of Bandra nor the so called people from Borivali & Kandivli had learn anything from the past. They are the same old guys, they just need something bad happend to the whole society to awake the actual human who generally asleep.

I still notice that poor fellow, travelling the same train, avoiding the compartment where he was refused to sit on the empty seat. I still watch the communal behaviour of the particular class who stays in Bandra. They just refuse to act normal in normal situation.

People in Mumbai need abnormal situation to act normally


Is this the golden rule of Mumbai?

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April 8, 2007


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Very small word, indeed. But does it really so small? Does it really consist of just 5 characters D R E A M?

For some people it is really a whole world of their. Some people do spend their entire life to follow their dream(s), to fulfill their dream(s).

But some more matured, sensible people always comment on Dream very harshy. The kind of comment like

“It is really foolish to dream” or “Day-dreaming is really bad”

I just say one thing and one thing on this

Having a dream (day or night or whatever time it may have) is doesn’t necessarily bad. What makes a difference is how you see it. Having a dream is different than living in the dream. So there isn’t any bad to have a dream. Atleast you are aware that if that doesn’t become reality, nothing is going to change. But living in a Dream certainly hurts.

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A single and simple word – “Light”. Is it really sound so simple and single. Well from the pt of view of mine, i think it isn’t that simple.

It means the hope, the way out and even something which is not heavy or which feel like burdon on us. I m not quoting the dictionary meanings of this word. But trying 2 re-collect the way we use it.

There I saw the light @ the end of the tunnel

Just read this simple line and we can understand why light means hope. It is the hope that drive us to the tunnel of darkness, full of difficulties. We cross it to get the light, to come out of it.

We aren’t expecting another tunnel at the end of the existing one which we are crossing. But we are expecting something which is again “light”.

Here again the word means way-out. The way-out from the current situation we face. This very thought of getting out of the situations (or troubles) make us feel relieve, remove the wieght away from our back. So it is again “light”.

Here it means light as not heavy. We, whenever feel happy or in the mood of celebration, use this wonder of nature to en-light the surrounding. No matter if we use candles, or diyas or another form of light, but we use the same eliment of nature Fire to express it.

So eventually it is the fire which we use to express our freedom, our joy, or even our hopes.

That is why i like the layout of this blog. There is a light house on the left side of the page which make me feel good. There is light atleast for me here. And whoever pay a visit will be the part of this light. What I mean to say is, the comments of the visitor is going to be the light of this blogger. So plz do spend some time to read and comment on what you read.

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